About Leslie Stevenson

Vision for the Future


"Leadership is about using one's influence to gain a desired result.  I choose to lead in Norwood because I want my home to be a thriving community."

Leslie N. Stevenson is a dynamic leader with a passion for making strategic connections between people, places, and purpose.  As an experienced talent developer, she is known to be honest, open-minded and reliable when making choices that benefit a variety of people and organizations.

As a young professional, Stevenson is described by colleagues as a brilliant communicator whose confidence is inspiring.  She is tactful, trustworthy, and able to see both the big picture of how systems work, and the people who do small tasks to keep the system running smoothly.  She is grounded and able to think globally about how today's choices impact tomorrow's future.

As a citizen, Stevenson has invested in knowing her neighbors.  Walking daily through Ward 1, she is accessible and willing to understand and resolve concerns.  She is able to consider the perspectives of long-time home owners and those of residents who rent their occupancy.  Above all, she is invested in Norwood through weekly church activities, monthly nonprofit board service and regular meals at Moriah Pie.

As a leader, Stevenson has started small group gatherings and facilitated citywide discussions on how to improve our urban core.  She has witnessed the legislative process in Cincinnati and Boston, allowing her to think creatively and constructively about what works best for Norwood.  By making time to research alternatives to the status quo, she will bring vision and validity to Norwood City Council.

As your next Norwood City Council Ward 1 representative, Stevenson will be consistently engaged with residents to learn their views on upcoming legislation—especially how the budget is managed.  Stevenson will be a resource for residents to use their voice to shape their city.  Show your support today by joining the campaign, and vote by November 5 to ensure you have a leader who represents you. #ExcelOnPurpose